Akagera Business Group (ABG) is one of Rwanda’s oldest standing and most trusted businesses. In partnership with Toyota Tshusho Corporation, the trading arm of Toyota Motor Corporation, they co-own Toyota Rwanda, supplying a large number of the cars seen on the road in the country. Globally, Toyota has an aggressive carbon emission reduction strategy, and with this in mind, ABG wanted more visibility into how they were using power in their operations.


We worked with ABG Toyota to design and deploy our remote monitoring technology, allowing them to track power consumption across key zones in their buildings. As the site is multi-use, with ABG running different parts of their business from the same location, a strong understanding of costs by business unit is critical for planning and performance evaluation.

Each month our system delivers a report, comprising a holistic view of ABG consumption, as well as a breakdown by zone; these insights help ABG to spot and reduce over-consumption, see early signs of heavy machinery malfunction, reduce unnecessary waste (like office lights being left on) and provide a safer working environment for their employees.

Currently, our technology monitors consumption in the ABG’s showrooms, supermarket, wine shop, electrical appliances department, and car workshop, and we are planning to expand across other areas of the site in the near future to provide ABG with total understanding of power use on their premises. As ABG transitions to renewable energy sources, our data will also provide much needed insights on the requirements, system design and performance of their solar system once built.


Set within a walking distance from the city center, Park Inn by Radisson is a vibrant mid-scale international hotel in Kigali, Rwanda, providing affordable luxury accommodation in 161 rooms. The hotel has several restaurants and bars, modern conference facilities for up to 400 people, a state of the art gym, a large swimming pool, and a casino.

For the past 6 months, Park Inn have been using our IoT remote monitoring system to track their power consumption across key zones in the hotel. Whether staff want to understand power consumption by floor, or key rooms including the boiler room, laundry room, kitchen, offices or conference rooms, our technology gives them the visibility they need in real-time. Not only can they use our system to track zonal consumption, but also to monitor critical machinery including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

By using our technology, Park Inn can lower usually unseen and unnecessary waste, create a safer working environment for their employees, and limit unacceptable downtime by using performance data to plan machinery maintenance schedules before malfunctions occur.