Kumva Insights technology is used by clients to understand and optimise their power consumption; from large commercial sites to remote, rural outposts, our data can help to lower their carbon footprint and improve working conditions.

Smart Power Consumption

Many commercial buildings in East Africa waste energy, with this waste often going unseen. Our non-obtrusive power monitoring system tracks usage patterns and trends, allowing our clients to easily see where they are over consuming, or conditions are unstable, and then make changes. Not only are our systems deployed in urban industrial settings, but also to help monitor operating patterns in remote locations such as food storage and processing outposts.

Understand Power Consumption Trends

We help clients track power usage, measuring perimeters including current, voltage and power factor. Data is easily visualised through zones and high consumption areas seen through heat maps.

Improve Power Consumption Efficiency

With this newfound insight, users can adapt the way they work and lower areas of waste. This could be fixing a piece of heavy machinery, or changing staff habits. These efficiency gains not only save money, but often create a safer working environment too.

Alert to Dangerous Conditions

Safety parameters can be set and SMS alerts triggered if conditions are outside of them. These alerts help our clients to keep conditions optimal for their staff, and has been seen to lower the risk of electrical fires in large industrial sites.

Automated Reports

Our monthly reports frame key areas of consumption and give recommendations on how to reduce them. Ultimately, clients reduce waste, improve efficiency and lower their carbon footprint.

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