Data-Driven Insights for East Africa

Kumva Insights develops non-invasive IoT remote monitoring solutions to increase efficiency and drive optimisation in challenging environments.

We provide our clients with easy to digest real-time data dashboards, while behind the scenes our sophisticated analytics tools monitor for irregularities and offer data-driven insights.

Kumva systems can not only deliver our clients commercial benefit, but also allow them to have a positive societal impact by lowering unseen waste and improving surrounding conditions.

we deliver Internet of Things remote monitoring systems for the following sectors in East Africa:

Smart Agriculture

IoT monitoring to drive efficient watering patterns, control disease and maximise farmer revenues

Smart Cold Chain

IoT monitoring solutions for medical and food storage environments, including SMS or email alerting if dangerous changes occur

Smart Environment

IoT monitoring of weather trends, pollution levels and working environments

Smart Industry

IoT monitoring of commercial buildings and machinery to predict when maintenance is needed and lower energy waste

Adaptable, robust sensor systems

Our sensor systems are built on secure, open source ‘Internet of Things’ technology, with a modular interface making them suitable for data collection needs across many African value chains.

Solar and Mains Power Modules

Whether you want a sensor system to collect agricultural data out in a field, or monitor your building’s power consumption, Kumva Insights have a device powering solution to suit your needs.

Connected Sensors for most Environments

Kumva Insights has designed a range of value chain focused IoT remote monitoring systems for Africa, using high-quality, robust, connected sensors.

Mobile and Wifi Connectivity

Kumva Insights IoT remote monitoring systems are designed to communicate from hard to reach locations, using 2G/3G/4G as well as wifi connectivity, and soon LoRa.

Software and Reporting Solutions to Drive Insights

Dashboards with automated reporting capabilities help clients quickly visualise their data, while a sophisticated analytics layer has been designed to trigger SMS and email alerts to help action system findings in real-time.


Agricultural Monitoring and Irrigation Automation


Medical Storage Cold Chain Monitoring


Solar Powered Chilli Dryer Monitoring


Milk Supply Chain Monitoring


University Student IoT Training

We also help clients develop custom IoT remote monitoring systems for unique environments. Contact us to discuss further!

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