Remote Sensing for challenging environments in a developing world.

Kumva Insights develops remote sensing technology to track changes and aid smarter decision making in challenging or hard-to-reach African environments, in an effort to support green industrialisation without stunting growth potential.

Our proprietary IoT hardware sends data to sophisticated analytics tools which then translate complex datasets into actionable insights for our users, delivered on the device they use most; be it a computer or a basic mobile phone.

Through our market-driven solutions, innovative business model and intelligent use of data, we deliver both positive commercial and societal impact. Our data insights help users to optimise their processes, while mitigating environmental impact through previously unseen waste reduction.
we create insights to
Increase productivity in farming communities
Reduce medical and food cold chain waste
Cold Chain
Optimise commercial power use

The African Development Bank forecasts that climate change could lower GDP by up to 3% per year by 2050, meaning that Africa’s economy will be around 40 per cent the size of its actual potential. Africa needs to rapidly industrialise to catch up with the west, but climate shocks threaten to derail any hard-earned development gains.

Data-driven productivity gains and waste reduction to positively impact the environment and drive economic growth across Africa

using a range of tools 
Internet of Things
Modular IoT remote sensing technology that is designed for harsh African environments
Multi-Channel Data Analysis
Mobile responsive web dashboards and automated reports to help easily understand patterns
Mobile Communication
Rich, contextual, 2-way mobile communication services to trigger alerts and train community members

70% of Africa relies on subsistence farming while 50% still doesn’t have access to electricity. Living standards are generally low, creating tension between addressing the climate crisis and supporting economic development on the continent.

Actionable data insights can increase process efficiency, reduce unseen costs and catalyse green industrialisation

Agricultural Monitoring & Irrigation Automation

Medical Cold Chain Storage Monitoring

Remote Chilli Dryer Monitoring

Workshop Power Consumption Monitoring

Government Grain Storage Monitoring