Kumva Insights utilises farm data from commercial and co-op sites to both inform them, and their surrounding smallholder farmer counterparts; improving processes, productivity and lowering waste.

Smart Farming Technology

As the continent works towards developing a mechanised, commercial agriculture sector, more data is needed to influence key decisions, from input use to growing conditions. We build systems for commercially minded farmers that monitor and alert on critical environmental conditions, as well as automate certain processes such as irrigation; lowering waste water and fertiliser, while increasing crop yields and stabilising storage environments.

Understand Weather and Growing Conditions

Our easy to read agricultural dashboards give insights on a variety of conditions including soil moisture, light levels, air temperature and watering cycles. Within seconds, clients can easily read their data on either mobile or desktop devices, then use this insight to take action accordingly.

Automate On-Farm Processes

Our clients can use our system to automate processes such as turning on or off irrigation; lowering input waste such as water and fertiliser. We are also working on an automated cold storage solution to reduce post-harvest waste in remote farming communities.

Alerts for Dangerous Changes

Users can set parameters such as minimum soil moisture, then if the soil gets too dry in an irrigation zone, the system will trigger an SMS or email alert, allowing someone in the team to target the issue and act quickly to fix it.

Create Reports to Aid Farming Improvements

Our system can generate regular reports showing both a holistic view of environmental conditions and more granular data where needed. Reports help track yields vs seasonal weather patterns, inform optimum harvesting times and can drive process optimisation such as irrigation duration.

Feeding Into Smallholder Insights

The data learnings from our network of commercial and co-op farmers is packaged into localised, anonymous and crop specific mobile advisory services for surrounding smallholder farmers to aid their farming efforts.

Data-driven learning and alerts

We give smallholder farmers better insight into their environment than they have ever had before! Through anonymous, but location specific farm data, we can deliver farmers timely advisory on when to plant, how to look after their crops and when would be best to harvest.

Made for Simple Mobile Phones

While our backend analytics are complex, we make sure our communication with farmers is simple and easy to action, optimised for the basic mobile handsets they already have and use.

Rich Communication and Informed Learning Materials

We use our data to deliver farmers 2 things; interactive training modules throughout the season, and real-time alerts to aid activity timing (such as watering if we see a storm coming, or harvesting at the optimum time).

Targeted and Impactful

Using data to profile farmers by their location informs the content (both type and delivery timing) schedule, maximising its utility for farming communities. Our communication is 2-way, acting as a feedback loop which helps us to keep improving our offering and its impact.

Our goal is to deliver impactful precision farming tools at scale; increasing agricultural productivity, building climate resilience and improving food security among East Africa’s farming communities

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