Kumva Insights monitors and automates cold storage locations to reduce potentially catastrophic waste of temperature sensitive goods such as medicine and food.

Smart Cold Storage Monitoring

We have developed cold storage monitoring technology that is both robust and adaptable. It can be solar powered and deployed in remote locations to monitor first-mile post harvest storage; not just tracking conditions but also triggering fans to aid evaporative cooling. Our technology is just as comfortable in large commercial medical storage locations; monitoring temperature in multiple areas and sending alerts if dangerous changes start to occur.

Understand Food and Medical Storage Conditions

All our systems have custom designed dashboards that help our clients track the data that is most important to them, with the ability to trigger alerts; helping them to both spot trends and act quickly to dangerous changes occur.

Automation to Keep Goods Fresh

We incorporate IP67 rated fans that an help with air circulation when conditions deteriorate; promoting evaporative cooling that extends the life of newly harvested crops before they are taken to market.

Visibility into Remote Locations

Robust, low power and unobtrusive, our technology helps clients monitor remote locations from a distance.

Get Automated Condition Stability Reports

Users get weekly and monthly reports to aid their monitoring and share with their partners; showing diligence and proving quality.

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