Technology delivering real-time data insights that help users improve productivity and efficiency, while reducing unseen waste.

IoT Sensing, Automation and Tracking

Our Internet of Things technology is built on an open-sourced platform, with solutions designed to shed light on challenges prolific across the continent. We have developed proprietary hardware that is modular, robust, incorporates GPS, can be solar or mains powered and communicates through 2G/3G mobile networks. Built for Africa, our technology helps clients to easily and affordably be more data driven in their approach.

Robust and Built to Last

Our hardware technology has been developed to cope with the extreme conditions often seen in Africa, using waterproof and shockproof housings to keep things well protected. Kumva Insights has worked closely with system users in the region to make sure we are delivering truly impactful technical solutions that will survive the test of time.

Secure and Scalable

We have built our infrastructure, cloud operations, security and connectivity layers to global industry standards so they can scale up and down safely and securely as per user needs.

Connectivity Built for Remote Locations

Everything we build is made to connect seamlessly in the East African region, utilising 2G, 3G, wifi or radio to send real-time data to our analytics engine from even the most hard-to-reach environments.

With A Multi-Channel Approach To Data Visualisation

Once we have collected critical data, we use a multi-channel approach to visualisation which allows us to maximise the impact of insights that we share by using the correct tool for the specific audience.
Our mobile responsive web dashboards and automated reports can be used in an office environment to easily visualise trends, and present findings to team members, while real-time SMS alerts can increase awareness to dangerous changes and drive action on site.
Alternatively, USSD and IVR (interactive voice response) can be used to allow rich data-driven engagement with large communities of users that don’t have smartphones and internet access, such as smallholder farmers.

Contextual Communication

Whether it’s power consumption data visualised in multi-page reports, or farm conditions translated into automated voice recordings to train farmers, our unique, multi-channel approach to data visualisation allows us to maximise the impact of our insights by using the correct tool for the target audience.

Automatic Report Scheduling

Our system has been designed to automate delivery of data reports. Clients can choose between a holistic view of conditions, focused granular data insights and raw data; all 3 having a valuable role in driving process optimisation.

Real-time Alerting

We have integrated SMS, email and Slack to allow us to deliver rapid alerts to unwanted environmental changes. This has a multitude of use-cases, from alerting of dangerous temperature spikes at a vaccine storage location, to alerting on severe weather patterns in close proximity.

Rich, Data-Driven Mobile Learning

We use IVR-based mobile communication that utilises our data collection to deliver targeted and highly impactful learning materials. This approach to IoT is novel but hugely scalable and optimised for even the most basic mobile phones.

And An Innovative Sensing as a Service Business Model

Kumva Insights work with clients in 2 ways; firstly through a ‘Sensing as a Service’ offering allowing users access to our off-the-shelf remote sensing technology through an affordable monthly fee, and without the need for investment, management or maintenance.
Secondly, through a project based offering where we support partners with custom solution design and delivery on a bigger scale.

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