GET IT is a full service food distributor based in Rwanda. They source produce directly from farmers, cutting out several middlemen who add little value, providing higher quality products at lower cost.

In partnership with Great Lakes Energy, GET IT have deployed a solar powered chili dryer in Rwanda’s Northern Provence, that can efficiently and naturally dry large quantities of chilis for export. GET IT wanted a remote monitoring system that would allow them to track conditions inside the dryer, allowing them to see temperature and humidity patterns, then adapting their environment to improve efficiencies.

Our solar powered Smart Environment remote monitoring system was a good fit for this application, allowing the client to easily see temperature, humidity and light data in near real-time (measurements were taken every 30 minutes). The system took measurements from multiple points within the dryer, and sent this data via 3G connectivity to a central database where it could be easily visualised and evaluated.

While the system has only recently been deployed, already patterns are being seen. Adopting a data-driven strategy from the findings will allow GET IT to increase drying efficiency, in turn buying more produce from the smallholder farming communities that supply them.