KIPHARMA is a medical wholesaler based in Kigali. As one of the leading importers of medical resources in the country, they work with global buyers to supply Rwandan community needs.

KIPHARMA wanted to update their cold chain monitoring process, moving away from a very manual process to a more accurate, totally automated solution that would give accurate real-time updates as well as support with reporting requirements.

Our mains powered Smart Cold Chain remote monitoring system was the perfect fit for this application, allowing the client to monitor temperature and humidity data across a number of locations in near real-time (measurements were taken every 15 minutes). 

This approach could give the client a holistic view of their storage conditions, as well as the ability to drill down into the data from very temperature sensitive storage locations such as their cold room.

SMS alerting was set up to warn the client if conditions become unfavourable, so they can react quickly and preserve the quality of resources such as life saving vaccines and ensuring efficacy. Automated reports were scheduled and emailed to the client on a weekly and monthly basis, and raw data reporting capabilities were added to ease processes such as auditing.

Kumva IoT remote monitoring helped the client automate their monitoring processes, making it more reliable and the data easier to evaluate. The ability to quickly react to damaging changes in temperature, allows them to mitigate risk, aiding the delivery of temperature-sensitive vaccines to vulnerable communities in Rwanda.