Kumva Insights focuses on 3 areas where we believe our technology can have the most impact; agriculture, cold chains and power consumption.

Smart Agriculture.

As the continent works towards developing a mechanised, commercial agriculture sector, more data is needed to influence key decisions, from input use to growing conditions. Not only do our systems monitor and alert on these environmental conditions, but they can also be integrated to automate certain processes such as irrigation; lowering waste water and fertiliser, while increasing crop yields and stabilising storage environments.

Understand Weather and Growing Conditions

Our easy to read agricultural dashboards give insights on a variety of conditions including soil moisture, light levels, air temperature and watering cycles. Within seconds, clients can easily read their data on either mobile or desktop devices, then use this insight to take action accordingly.

Automate Irrigation Processes

Not only can clients monitor and understand their environment, but they can then set automation processes such as turning on or off irrigation systems due to environmental conditions; this is proven to lower input waste such as water and fertiliser.

Alerting if Conditions Deteriorate

Users can set parameters such as minimum soil moisture, then if the soil gets too dry, the system will trigger an SMS or email alert, allowing someone in their team to act in real-time.

Automated Reports to Aid Farming Process Improvements

Users can get regular reports showing holistic views of environmental conditions, as well as key data insights that can be used to drive process optimisation such as irrigation duration.

Smart Cold Chain.

Life-dependant vaccines are vulnerable to temperature change, and it is almost impossible to see if they have been outside of a safe range. Our cold chain monitoring systems track temperature in real-time and parameters can be easily set to trigger alerts if dangerous changes are starting to occur. This technology is also useful to help reduce post harvest losses in key crop value chains.

Understand Food and Medical Storage Conditions

Kumva data helps users to spot trends and act quickly to dangerous changes; reducing unseen waste or damage to relied-upon goods.

Monitor Remote Storage Outposts

We combine our cold chain and energy monitoring capabilities to help stakeholders manage remote medical and food storage outposts.

Alerting if Conditions Deteriorate

Users can set parameters such as minimum / maximum temperature, then if storage fridges warm up, the system will trigger an SMS or email alert, allowing someone in their team to act in real-time.

Get Automated Condition Stability Reports

Users get weekly and monthly reports to aid their monitoring and share with their partners; showing diligence and proving quality.

Smart Power Consumption.

Many commercial buildings waste energy, with this waste often going unseen. Our non-obtrusive power monitoring system tracks usage patterns and trends, allowing our clients to easily see where they are over consuming and then make changes. Our systems can help monitor operating patterns in remote locations, from solar farms to food storage outposts.

Understand Power Consumption Trends

We help clients track power usage, measuring perimeters including current, voltage and power factor. Data is easily visualised through zones and high consumption areas seen through heat maps.

Improve Power Consumption Efficiency

With this newfound insight, users can adapt the way they work and lower areas of waste.

Alert to Dangerous Conditions

Safety parameters can be set and SMS alerts triggered if conditions are outside of them. This has been seen to lower the risk of electrical fires in large industrial sites.

Automated Reports

Our monthly reports frame key areas of consumption and give recommendations on how to reduce them. Ultimately, clients reduce waste, improve efficiency and lower their carbon footprint.

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