Smart Agriculture.

Internet of Things tools to monitor Africa’s agricultural environments, as well as automate processes such as irrigation, lowering input waste and increasing yields.

Understand Conditions

Our easy to read agricultural dashboards give insights on a variety of conditions including soil moisture, light levels, air temperature and watering cycles. Within seconds, clients can easily read their data on either mobile or desktop devices, then use this insight to action accordingly.

Automate Processes

Not only can clients monitor and understand their environment, but they can then set automation processes such as turning on or off irrigation systems due to environmental conditions; this is proven to lower input waste such as water and fertiliser.

Alerting when conditions deteriorate

Users can set parameters such as minimum soil moisture, then if the soil gets too dry, the system will trigger an SMS or email alert, allowing someone in their team to act in real-time.

Automated Reports

Get weekly and monthly reports showing holistic view of environmental conditions, as well as key data insights that can be used to drive process optimisation.

We align our systems with the SDGs, with the aim to have both a positive commercial impact, as well as a societal one; our agricultural monitoring systems help lower input waste, reduce polluting fertiliser runoff, and improve crop yields.

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